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Anyone run race fuel in their bike?

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I know Gas Man will have a lot to say about this one. I have used it before a few times and didn't really see a big difference.

Does anyone use it on the strip or on the track on track days?? Or just on the street?
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GsxrJack said:
I use to use it once in a while at the race track in a 50/50 mixture, it did smell real nice but i think thats about all it did...ive used it at the dragstrip on stock bikes with absolutly no increase in mph or lower ets...basicly if your bike doesnt need it, due to a high compression engine then all your gonna get out of it is a nice smelling exhaust and a waste of money.......

I had to use it on my gsxr1100 with the 1186 pistons, head work etc, when i was running nos to prevent detonation at the dragstrip, and if i planned on using nos on the street i would use a 50/50 mixture whenever i could...
I agree with jack. 90% will run better on 89 then 110. When I was setting my TL motor up it was dynoed to get the peak power. 110 was the best for only because after adding the V-two kit it bumped the compression of 13.5 to 1. That was a killer bike 116hp stock 5K later it made 136 hp @ the rear. Now R6 was dynoed and it makes its best power on 89 the lead in the 110 fuel with waste the carbs. But that is what I heard from the person that built the motor.
I can get 110 here in Detroit
Unless you engine needs it. IE the TL
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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