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Anyone run race fuel in their bike?

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I know Gas Man will have a lot to say about this one. I have used it before a few times and didn't really see a big difference.

Does anyone use it on the strip or on the track on track days?? Or just on the street?
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I totally agree Brian/Speed....

The lowest octane you can run w/o pre-ignition is the best! It will 99% of the time create more power that way.

And yes, if you take your stock GSXR to the pump and put the 110 in it, you will most likely create less hp!!

DON'T WASTE YOUR CASH!!! Send it to me...
twisty said:
I can get 110 here in Detroit
Yeah but that stuff is still crap!
twisty said:
Unless you engine needs it. IE the TL
Yeah, if you say so! 95% of the time it is a complete waste if not hurt more than it helps!

2Fury, I have no idea what you "thought" you were reading... :lol:
It depends on the bike.... check the owners manual! It's a SV650???

Shan, what you run in yours????
2Fury...are you talking about JetFuel that the jet's (commercial, like AA,NorthWest) use in their planes????

If so, you guys are WWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY off base.... I'll bite my tongue till I see your response....
JP4 and JP8 is military issue! JP4 is similar to gasoline and JP8 is similar to jet fuel and/or kero!

My company ships all the above!
GsxrJack said:
Ya, the military is getting away from JP4, especially the navy since JP4 has a low flash point and not a great thing on a ship...We here at general electirc do not use JP4 anymore at all... JP5 is also military...All we use here at GE is JP-5 for military jet engines and JET-A for commercial jet engines
Don't forget JP8... I got a delievery of that next week. That's the govt's super strict jet fuel. I haven't seen any JP4 in a long time, but if they do change over to a 5, I'm sure I'll see that eventually!

What alot of people don't understand is that Jet fuel is nothing more than a cleaner kero. As a matter of fact, the Marathon refinery in D-town doesn't manufacture jet and kero....they only make jet and sell it as both jet and kero! All in the same tank and everything! My company delievers every barrel of jet to many international airports in the midwest and the east. Ones such as Detroit Metro and JFK in New York.

Jet is fun stuff, but enough :jacked: of this thread.....
Jack, that's good info... and you're right...most of the jet only flashes at 110 or sometimes less. The govt only requires 108 for standard commercial jet! So that is REALLY low for fuels. Considering most of your LSD flashes from 140's to high 170's...

As far as how much...I can't tell you off the top of my head... We are the ONLY providers of jet to those airports that I mentioned. I know there are more but those are both highly known and easy for people to relate!

But what I can tell you is that most of our pipelines in the west run at rates or 2400-4000 BBLS per hour..... which equates to about 101,000 - 168,000 gallons per hour. And thy will run that into an airport tankage for days!! Now on the east coast they run pipelines as big as 24" diameter and rates upwards to 9K BBLS per hour...or about 380,000 gallons per hour!! So the number in gallons for a month is HUGE!!
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