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anyone street race?

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i know your not supposed to do it, but me and buddys do it all the time and we never get caught

we usually do it late an night when its safer anyway i creamed my friends gixxer750 last night. he hit a false neutral and redlined that sucker and i just pulled away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smilelol:
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Not on my bike, a couple of us get pretty aggressive, though.

My car is a different story. . ran a friend's C5 w/ a 100 shot a couple weeks ago, that was fun. :thumbs:
That reminds me one night last year I was coming home from the sticks in my vette and ran into a pack of crotch rockets on a pretty empty interstate. We had a few runs starting from about 80mph and I pulled most of them. Then a guy comes up from the back and we're rolling at 100. . I hit it and he lifts his bike to 12 oclock to the point I couldn't even see the rider. As soon as his wheel touched back down he was GONE. F'n nuts. :crazy:

I'm heads, cam, longtubes, no cats, etc etc, other than litre bikes I don't have much trouble pulling them from 80 or 90 and up. Below that's a different story, though.
True, but every now and then you might run into a cage that can run with bikes. One friend's Supra is to the point where he can only run bikes b/c other cars are almost pointless. He's trapping 148-ish, so even busas, etc, need to have at least a few minor mods.
Need4Speed750 said:
yeah this is true.....round here though, our city/area being what it is, there arent too many fast and the furious cars that are anything more than its pretty funny the majority of the time....but yeah, out in bigger city's im sure there are many beasts cars like you mentioned. :)
I'm in Oklahoma City, so they're rare. .

Twisty, what does your bike trap?
I was just curious b/c you said whatever pulls up to your 1000 will lose. . have you dyno'd it? Just curious what you have done to it.


Aspiring knee-dragging squid :D
That's gonna be badazz. . :cool:

I've only done a slip on as I'm trying real hard not to get bit by a mod bug on my bike. lol
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