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anyone street race?

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i know your not supposed to do it, but me and buddys do it all the time and we never get caught

we usually do it late an night when its safer anyway i creamed my friends gixxer750 last night. he hit a false neutral and redlined that sucker and i just pulled away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smilelol:
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Just got back from a ride. I think I raced someone. The guy pulled up next to me on some space ship looking machine . he was hitin the gas and got in the leaning postion, I just sat there for a second or two as he putted off. Then I just stood that gsx-r 1000 up right passed him and saw a dot in the mirror!!!!!!!!!! :bike: :smilelol:
Ill take that 1000 ! and raise you a 1000 ! If anyone can put this pic in my bio let me know . THanks :bike:
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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