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Anyone want to buy a New welder CHEAP?

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Me too,
I would love to get the Miller DVI it has the 110 and the 220 plug it is the best of the Millermatic 135 at 110v and the Millermatic 175 at 220v. Gas or Gas less operation. plus with the two different power options it does become somewhat portable. Oh well I'll keep on wishin. With a baby commin, (I pray) I will be holding off for a while on any more toys.
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I just picked up a Miller Econtig. It is awsome. Can stick or tig Steel or Aluminum together. Put together a rear wheel pit stand with about $24 of steel. Adding some old roller blade wheels and fab the brackets to hold the swing arm spools and it is done, hopefully this weekend. I welded up a Vortex rear brake pedal that snap in a low side ($58 replacement cost). Have some suspension tool projects in the works as well. If you get one you'll find things to do with it. Just like a bike, you get one and you find all kind of reasons to ride.

I have a little 110V hobby stick welder that I take to the track with me. When my daughter crashed and busted one of her clip ons I ground it down welded it up and she only missed one session.

I love messing with stuff too. When I have a capability of fixing a potential F-up it relieves the pressure and I usally don't screw it up as bad the first time LOL.

The Econo tig is the shiznit. It won't handle a heavy duty cycle like putting a whole trailer together at one time but it will deffinitely do the job over a couple of weekends. And it does the highest quality TIG welds for repairs on Al and steel. I'm really becoming a fan of TIG though alot better quality weld and the ability to stick two different thicknesses together without guarenteed burn throughs and subsequent filling of holes :skep: .

I'm finding with TIG I need to do a little practice before each project as the skill level is a little higher than MIG or stick. Takes ya right back to high school metal shop and learning gas welding for the first time.

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