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anything like this every happen to you?

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Just thought i'd share a kind of funny/interesting story that happened to me 2 days ago.

i'm going to take my bike in for 4,000 mile service, and on the way going about 50 a bee hits me in the neck under the helmet but above the jacket. it managed to sting me in the process and then fell into my jacket... i could hear it buzzing around...

so i have to pull off the road, tear my gloves off and try to pull out the stinger... the cars around me probbaly thought i was a freak doing my little "THERE'S A F'ING BEE IN MY JACKET" dance on my bike! :willy:

My friend said he got one in the helmet once, i was just wondering about insect stories.
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I had a few encounters with those buggers. I even made a screen from some thin cloth and velcroed it to the lower part of the helmet in the front - it looks like beard - to protect against the buggers.

What I learned from my encounters was that there is no need to panic. Just keep your lips tight, breath slowly through the nose, squint like you are looking straight at the sun, and try to hold your body as still as possible.

it's interesting, but our natural reflex to "shake the thing off and get rid of it" actually works against us. A bee is not gonna sting just because it's there. It's going to sting if it feels attacked.

If it's under the helmet around your face, opening the visor while at speed, gently blows the thing off (that helped me once).

All in all, never a pleasant experience. But, in all my encounters - probably 2 - 3 over a period of 5 years, I was never stung.
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