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anything like this every happen to you?

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Just thought i'd share a kind of funny/interesting story that happened to me 2 days ago.

i'm going to take my bike in for 4,000 mile service, and on the way going about 50 a bee hits me in the neck under the helmet but above the jacket. it managed to sting me in the process and then fell into my jacket... i could hear it buzzing around...

so i have to pull off the road, tear my gloves off and try to pull out the stinger... the cars around me probbaly thought i was a freak doing my little "THERE'S A F'ING BEE IN MY JACKET" dance on my bike! :willy:

My friend said he got one in the helmet once, i was just wondering about insect stories.
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I get the "Mass attack" of bugs on the visor usually. Although, once a bee hit the visor dead center. Needless to say, thay make a big SPLAT. His a$$ was stuck in my air vent. I had to shake it out when I got home.
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