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Are all Ram Air designs the same?

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Is suzuki's ram air design that much different from Kawasaki's. How bout the placement of the ram air inducts? Patent related ? how much of the design of the bike is based around the placement of the ram air intakes? From a cosmetic standpoint, do you like how it looks ?
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I haven't seen anything recently, but I vaguely remember Sportrider (?) doing a comparison of ram air systems that included measuring air box pressures as an indicator of how efficient each system was.

The interesting thing was how some of the systems showed pressure fluctuations related to cylinder intake strokes. IIRC, the Kawasaki was the best at reducing those fluctuations giving a smooth graph on air box pressure. I think the Kawi also had the highest overall pressures at speed.

Now, that was several years ago and most of the companies have made some major changes to their ram air systems since then. I don't know if there has been a comparison done recently.

Need4Speed750 said:
who had the ram air first, Kawasaki or Suzuki ? I think it was kawasaki but im not sure, and its too late to look it up.. ;)
IIRC, Kawasaki started it with the ZX11C in '90 or '91. It may have been on the ZX7R but the early one with the tubes going into the top of the tank wasn't a true ram-air.

I don't think Suzuki had ram-air until '96 or '97 with the GSXR750 (SRAD = Suzuki Ram Air Direct), but I could be wrong.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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