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Are all Ram Air designs the same?

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Is suzuki's ram air design that much different from Kawasaki's. How bout the placement of the ram air inducts? Patent related ? how much of the design of the bike is based around the placement of the ram air intakes? From a cosmetic standpoint, do you like how it looks ?
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I think the design ideas are basically the same!! It is suppose to provide a straight thru shot to the airbox!!!

I like them on most bikes... on my 9R, they are kinda inconspiculous (sp?), which is fine. But I like them on most bikes...
That's cause Kaw's ROCK!!!
How well does you RAM AIR work???

Cale from WOS found this and it's a good read...

Ram Air Tests

More testing

Glad to see that Kawasaki knows what they're doin it!! :dthumb:


Plus this is another Tiger bounce on the thread!!! See how that works Bull!
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This is why my 9R has 2 seperate ram air tubes... they never connect other than on the air box! That's it!! 2 ram air tubes and 2 intake tubes into the air box....
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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