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Are all Ram Air designs the same?

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Is suzuki's ram air design that much different from Kawasaki's. How bout the placement of the ram air inducts? Patent related ? how much of the design of the bike is based around the placement of the ram air intakes? From a cosmetic standpoint, do you like how it looks ?
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r1sharknose you got too much time on ur hands. lol

but all ram air is the same. i know kawi has a splitter right b4 the air box so that all the air does not go down the middle intakes. this is one of the biggest problems with intakes even on cars, you need to find a way to get the air spread evenly over all cylinders. plus the new kawis have a more striaght though ram air, it goes directly to the air box, there ar no bends or corners like the gixxers or yamahas. dont know if that makes a differenct though. and plus r1sharknose pointed out somethign like you have to be going at a descent speed to actually gain anything from ram air.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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