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Attn Yamaha FZ6 Riders

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Hello everyone! I'm hoping that those of you who ride an FZ6 can provide some feedback to me about this bike. I'm considering purchasing one, but have read that the clutch engages late and the throttle response is real jumpy. What has been the experience of those of you riding this bike? I'm a relatively new rider, and ride a lot of real technical mountain roads - narrow, tight, switchback (think Sonora Pass). Thanks to all of you who take time to answer this and help me out! :here:
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I would get the FZ6 just because it has a centerstand. But Motorcycle Consumer News compared it against the Honda 599 in it's March 2004 issue. The FZ6 won. It had the best wind protection and most powerful motor in it's class, and had "delightful handling". They didn't like the seat, which became painful after 100 miles, nor the permeter-style tach, and it had vibration at high engine speeds that can be a bother. The weakest link is it's clutch.

Here's how the testers summed it up: "it's a great value and a real hoot to ride." and "This is a bike I'll be recommending to a lot of people."
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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