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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) — Two mourners who rode an all-terrain vehicle (search) to the service for a man killed in an ATV accident were injured in a similar accident as they were leaving.

Jimmy Spry, 20, and Maggan Phillips were not wearing helmets Wednesday when Spry lost control of the ATV and hit a tree, said Clinton Burley of the Ceredo Volunteer Fire Department (search).

They were attending the burial service of Phillips' brother, Dustin "Duke" Phillips, 21. He died early last Saturday from severe head injuries after his ATV hit a tree, said Barry Wellman of the Lavalette Volunteer Fire Department.

Spry was taken to a hospital in Huntington, which would not release his condition Thursday morning. Phillips suffered minor injuries and was not hospitalized, Burley said.

West Virginia's ATV safety law bans the use of the vehicles on paved roads with center lines and requires helmets for riders under the age of 18.

Spry and Phillips were on a paved road, but it was not immediately clear if any citations were issued. Ceredo Police Chief Jack Butcher did not immediately return a telephone message Thursday.

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natural selection at its best, its nice to see mother nature weeding out the gene pool, but on the other hand :flush: bad publcity, cant ppl just use there heads for something besides a posthole digger? :bash:
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