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:wtf: is wrong with the avatar settings? I went to change my avatar this morning and even the ones that I use to use here won't go up! Shan, did you guys lower the size allowments for avatars? What's the dilly yo?

Also, what do you guys use to shrink pics down to avatar size. I had a freeware version of Adobe photoshop but the 30 trial time is up. I'm looking for something simple that I can download or whatever. Freeware or something of that kind...
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Need4Speed750 said:
charliemav!! i love that avatar!! the blue lion, from Voltron right?!!! :cool:
Hehe, THANK YOU!!!!....Welll See that's the messed up thing!!!!!!!!! My Avatar is of Lance. He actually navigated the "Red Lion" but he wears the blue uniform. :crazy:

-Sven and Princess Allura piloted the Blue Lion. Sven wore the "black" uniform and Allura the "pink."
-Keith piloted the Black Lion and wore a "red" uniform.
-Hunk piloted the Yellow Lion and wore a "yellow" uniform.
-Pidge piloted the Green Lion and wore a "green" uniform.

It's all messed up. BUT, I LOVE Voltron!!!! The ORIGINAL Voltron!! And Lance is the "bad boy" type ;) .
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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