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Bad break ups... DOH!!! [NWS]

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See pics...

:cursin: :willy:





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itgirl25 said:
i'm glad there was one posted from a guy. i was beginning to think there are alot of unstable girls out there. :crazy:
Emm, which one?:scratch:
The lost dog one...
:nonod: better read the bottom line. NWS
I guess it could be read either way.:scratch:
I had a girl take ALL the pictures of me/me and her and ripped them up into little pieces and scattered them evenly across the living room floor. When i came home at 7 AM w/ a couple buddies I made her vaccuum them up. to get back at me for making her do that she tried blasting the stereo so i couldn't sleep. So I pulled all the speaker wires out and went to bed. FYI. Never tell a girl you think she's not attractive anymore. That girl was friggen crazy. i don't know what i was thinking.
Why didn't you just kick her to the curb?
:crazy: :lol:Kepping it on tap.:lol:
Gas Man said:
Ok...I added NWS
I guess I'm so use to see it. I never thought about it till I knew D was at work and looking. Its almost in normal conversation these days.:disapp:
It wasn't you particularly. You just reminded me.
1 - 8 of 27 Posts
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