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Bar end throttle lock...where to get them?

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Some of you guys may have seen these...You replace your bar ends with these type of bar ends and it makes it a throttle lock. The ones I saw on a bike was on a Kawi and were chrome to also dress it up and looked like a typical bar end. The way it worked was if you pulled back on the throttle with the bar end, it would lock the throttle for cruise control. To disengage, you simply twist just the bar end a little and it unlocked, or just roll foward on the throttle and bar end at the same time. Kinda hard to explain, but anyone know where to get these? I checked with my local shops and they've never heard of anything like this. The guy told me where he got them, but of course I forgot the website. These would do wonders for the right hand on a long ride.
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There are other types of cruise as well. They have the one that goes between your grip and the forward controls... you flip down this piece and basically wedges itself to hold the grip in the current position.

I'm with you guys.... never did like it for bikes. Just seems to risky!
Yeah I was talking about the vista seen here on ebay.
jeeps84 said:
Don't get me wrong. I think its a great idea for those of you that use your Sportbikes for travel and commuting.
But that's what Jeeps has 32 other bikes for... or well at least the Slammer!
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