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Bar end throttle lock...where to get them?

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Some of you guys may have seen these...You replace your bar ends with these type of bar ends and it makes it a throttle lock. The ones I saw on a bike was on a Kawi and were chrome to also dress it up and looked like a typical bar end. The way it worked was if you pulled back on the throttle with the bar end, it would lock the throttle for cruise control. To disengage, you simply twist just the bar end a little and it unlocked, or just roll foward on the throttle and bar end at the same time. Kinda hard to explain, but anyone know where to get these? I checked with my local shops and they've never heard of anything like this. The guy told me where he got them, but of course I forgot the website. These would do wonders for the right hand on a long ride.
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Awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for. The guy said he liked them and it worked well...anyone have their :2cents: to put in on these that personally has them?
It disengages easily and I'll only be using it on the highway during long rides. I just hope for that kinda money, they do what it says. These seem safer than the ones gas man was mentioning too. I was hoping someone on here has a set and how well they do work. I don't want to be going done the road and it disengages and the engine brake throws me foward! :yikes:
Now that setup, I would think, would be a lil' slower to disengage in an emergency situation. To where the other one, you just roll the throttle foward or the bar end, and thats it. Plus it isn't technically "locked"
Well the ones I saw, the throttle worked as normal...unless you rolled back on the throttle and the end at the same time, then it locked. He disengaged it by just rolling the end foward or the throttle and the end at the same time. I know they're pricey, but doesn't look bad at all and when I take it to work, its 32 miles one way and about 27 miles of it is open highway. Living in PA, there is a lot of wide open straight roads without a red light in sight, so I would get my use out of it! Maybe if there are enough people that want to get these, maybe we could contact the site owner if he'd do a group buy.
Well, if anyone else comes in this thread thats interested, I'll contact them and see what they do, if anything.
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