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Bar ends for a r1

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Anyone else have problems on a long trip with their right hand goin numb?
I just ordered a pair of these~
Can anyone tell me if they will work?
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Vibes are a bad thing... most people put on aftermarket ends that are lighter and get alot more vibe than the stock ones... the stock ones are pretty heavy to eliminate that vib or at least some of it.... I would get those... heavier will probably be better and those look longer which is better as well.... might help in a crash...

I'd get them!!!
So what DL... you're bike didn't have them and you went back to stocks? or the other way around?
Ok... wasn't sure by your post.... that riding technique always helps when crusin down the highway... also try a throttle rocker! Works great for the h/w... just don't use it in the twisties!
Yeah a guy in WOS, Super, put on longer and heavier bar ends and he seems to like it!
What's a throttle rocker yo?
New Throttle Rocker thread

Yeah that twisty is a hard guy to impress.... :nonod:
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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