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Bar ends for a r1

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Anyone else have problems on a long trip with their right hand goin numb?
I just ordered a pair of these~
Can anyone tell me if they will work?
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I have an R6 and at first they use to get numb. I still have stock barends and they don't get numb anymore. i found out that keeping your arms locked straight makes them numb faster. Loosen up your grip a little and don't keep your arms locked for a while. This should help with the new bar ends.
I've always had stocks. They're pretty haevy anyway. Just one day my hands stopped getting numb. i started to keep my arms bent a little on long rides and loosened my grip. i haven't gone numb in like four months of riding. I'd say about 4-5000 miles in that time.
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1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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