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Bar ends for a r1

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Anyone else have problems on a long trip with their right hand goin numb?
I just ordered a pair of these~
Can anyone tell me if they will work?
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I guess I'm the only 1 here with a yamahama :tt: But don't tell me a zuki doesn't buzz much less a kawi.. :rant: :bas: :neen: :ffedback: :jd: :nopity: :bthorse: :spam:
"my kawi did it when i first got it but now i dont ever get it at all."

What did you do get heavier bar ends?

I was thinking of trying some of those gell grips also. :yaewn:
Got my bar ends the other day and things are alot smoother,I haven't been on a long trip yet but it should be much better.............. :hug:
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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