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OMG...What a freak... :screwy: There musta been some fruit loops out this weekend. Me and one of my friends were sitting at the bar of this Irish pub, a place we go like a few times a week. They love us there...Anyway, it was like last call and the crowd had pretty much gone. Some man comes through from the pool room yellin and I swear it sounded like this..."bahtendah!!! could i have anothah!?" and then wouldn't close his tab or anything so kept comin back up there, called the bartender a f-in asshole and said it was f-ed up and he wanted to talk to the owner and the owner is a friend so he's like.... :wtf: So this man goes crazy on everyone, leaves, gets in a car, and drives home....Amazing how safe I felt on the streets after that...Some people just dont need to be drinkin...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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