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Douge said:
Yeah now I remember, the time we went out with Jim and he rode off the road out by Saguaro lake. :D That guy....geez
man - i remember that too - that bike was tore up!
i had to help him set up his haunted house that october - or at least pull stuff out of the attic - and shan - you were there - was that douge with us providing assistance?

hey nick - have you tried riding wheelies on pocket bikes - i can bet that it is much more difficult to do - but personally have no experience with it yet, as i am trying to set one of my pocket bikes up for bottom end to ride wheelies - changing clutch springs (centrifugal clutch) need a bottom end pipe for it, as well as a larger carb - then i'll try it myself!

the thing that scares me most - probably that scares most people most - is going over backwards - it's gonna cause some physical pain, as well as monetary pain! :thumbs:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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