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Basketbrawl video

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this video has been shown so many times on espn, cnn and everybody else's network that if u did miss it, u must be living under a rock!!!

its fun to watch though! :dthumb:
dennis rodman went thru similar circumstances every time he got fined..they always looked at his past record... which isnt entirely fair, depending on how u look at it.
Pigface1 said:
Rodman never jumped into the stands to beat a fan.

oh i agree..i actually loved dennis rodman, when he was with the bulls, damn he was abeast, he gave it up on the court for the team every play...flying outta bounds and calling timeout, just to save possession.

i miss him playing like that.. but he did enuff " ur #1 " jestures to uncivil opposing fans, and stunts that the nba fined him his share..but yeah, never anything like artest and jackson did..
Pigface1 said:
I can't remember who that was, I vaguely remember that, though.

i think it was rodman, but dont think it was intentional, but its alittle vague for me too...hhhmmm

the best was when the worm showed up for the championship series, with his multicolored hair!! :lol: but ur right pig, he was 100% for his teammates on the court, no matter what the consequences.
Ace said:
Update for anyone who cares. In the video once Artest works his way back onto the floor and the 2 fans (white jerseys approach him ) and he throw a couple punches. Well my buddy works for the Auburn Hills police and was the arresting officer of those 2 fans at the hospital. Even through Artest landed 2 punches the report has been written up in defense of Artest as he was "protecting" himself since the fans were illegally on the court. In interviewing the 2 "victims" my buddy said it was more than obvious they were looking for confrontation in order to file a law suit agains any of the Pacers for touching them. He spoke with the Oakland County prosecutor and regardless of what they attempt to "sue" for it is being thrown out.

sweet!!! but damn, give them props for thinkin quickly on their feet to make a quick buck!! :skep:

but screw them..they should not nothing!!!
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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