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Battery for Suzuki SV

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Looks like the battery in my '99 SVS needs a new one. After spending most of its life in the Arizona heat, I'm surprised I'm only on #2.

But, I tried to start it this morning (35 degrees) and if my bike hadn't turned over when it did it would be sitting on a charger right now.

So, where is the best place to get a battery? Mail-order doesn't seem like deal considering the weight. Unless you buy the electrolyte locally, but if I'm going to do that I might as well just buy the whole thing locally. I only shy away from that because of the cost, but for an item like this is might actually me cheaper?

What are your recommendations for a new battery? OEM? Sealed after-market?
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I hate most of the batteries out there for bikes!! They just suck!!

I've bought many different brands and the same result.... they suck!!!

Some type of sealed would most likely be best....good luck and post up what you find. I'm always looking for a good battery for my bike, because the rest of them....well you know....SUCK!!
larryg said:
Most places should ship a sealed battery. The battery comes packaged with its own acid pack and you put the acid in yourself and then charge it before you use it. I don't necessarily agree with Gas Man on this one, I have had good luck with Yuasa and Interstate (made by Yuasa, IIRC) batteries but they are not cheap. If you want cheap, we have a chain of stores up here called Batteries Plus that I have heard good things about. You may want to see if they are in your area as well.

I have purchsed actual Yuasa and have a Interstate (which yes is a Yuasa) in the 9R now. But they both suck and both come as Larry says!!

They (batt manufactures) should offer better batteries as they do for cars!!! I wish they made a optimuim brand battery for bikes but they don't!!! :cursin:
Almost all standard MC batts are Yuasa!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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