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BCS Championship

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So what do y'all think about USC and OU going to the championship game? I think Auburn is getting left out. All three teams undefeated in some great conferences. I think something needs to be done about the BCS. All three teams are well deserving but only two get a shot at national title. What do y'all think?
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I think the system works and they need to quit messing with it. The whole season is a playoff and they removed SOS. What they need to do is put MORE emphasis on SOS. . that way you'll see some crazy nonconference matchups during regular season play. . OU/Miami, USC/Texas, etc.

The universities stand to lose too much money with a playoff system, it can't, and won't happen.

Also, they need to eliminate pre-season polls all together.

Tuberville counted on the fact that the SEC would be their normal selves, and they weren't. So, the fact that he scheduled marshmellows for his nonconference (Citadel and a D2 school?!?!?) schedule came back to bite him.

I've always said if you lose a game, you have no right to bitch. . such as USC last year. However, this year I do feel sorry for Auburn, it's not right, but it is what it is. All the coaches agreed to the system we have.

There is still a shot for Auburn to get a split championship.

Oklahoma 31
USC 10
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You don't need a playoff every year. Last year, a plus 1 would have worked. The year before and before and before, it wasn't needed.

With an 8 team playoff, you're still going to have people arguing.

So, that's why I say put more emphasis on strength of schedule. The whole season counts. . That's why you have people glued to the tv on Saturdays, and not really giving a shyt about Sundays until the playoffs start.

USC turned down a home game with Fresno State this year, and Auburn lost Bowling Green to us b/c they wouldn't put up the extra $100,000. OU had a D2 school on the schedule and everyone was freaking out. Our athletic director worked overtime to fix that, and did. Bowling Green, who was the 3rd most productive offense in the nation last year, Oregon (Pac 10), and Houston. Houston's no gem, but they're a hell of a lot better than the Citadel and D2 school.

USC was a bs call from not even going to Miami. Did you see the game on Saturday? Bush fumbled and it was a TD the other way for UCLA, but the refs called it down. It was the worst call I've seen all year, hands down, and that's saying a lot. lol So, instead, USC kicked a field goal which. So, that call created a 10 point deficit.
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Need4Speed750 said:
There will always be people who argue about it, so there's no pleasing everyone. and i agree strength of schedule should be a bigger part of it. but then, what difference does it make how many points you win by, a win is a win though right?! now i dont know quite as much about college football in terms of the bcs as many others do..but from what i understand, that plays a fairly significant part, does it not ? :confused:

To a point. . I think the max is 35.

Bumblebee, if Auburn was so good they would have made a real schedule instead of playing Citadel, a division two school, and playing Bama tight when they needed to make a statement. All of OU's wins over ranked teams have been away.

Auburn better worry about Va Tech, forget about beating OU. They didn't get left out, NOBODY has them higher than 3. They should, however, be playing Utah, and not VaTech.

And for what it's worth, I wasn't bitching when we were left out in 01 and 02. . you make your own bed.
Sep 4 vs Louisiana Monroe W, 31-0
Sep 11 at Mississippi St. W, 43-14
Sep 18 vs LSU W, 10-9
Sep 25 vs The Citadel W, 33-3
Oct 2 at Tennessee W, 34-10
Oct 9 vs Louisiana Tech W, 52-7
Oct 16 vs Arkansas W, 38-20
Oct 23 vs Kentucky W, 42-10
Oct 30 at Mississippi W, 35-14
Nov 13 vs Georgia W, 24-6
Nov 20 at Alabama W, 21-13
Dec 4 at Tennessee W, 38-28

That's Auburn's schedule. On top of that, LSU by one point? :skep: lol
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Here's the games I'd *like* to see.

Cal - Texas
Auburn - Utah
Michigan - Va Tech

The reason I said Auburn Utah is b/c Utah is also undefeated. I said Cal vs Texas b/c they are both the biggest claim to faim for USC and OU. Then, Michigan vs Va Tech because it'd be a nice ACC/Big 10 match up.

Actually, Louisville vs Utah would be a good game too.

But, the automatic Big East bid (goes away after next year I think?) has it completely screwed up.
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BikesR4Girls said:
:cheers: I couldn't agree more...yea I think the Big east goes away because more are going to the acc..not sure what will happen with the big east after that...wont' be so big anymore.
Notre Dame is going to the Big East next year I think, or is it ACC? I can't remember. They should be in the Big 10, but they're not going to be.

JK DILLA, thanks man. . I was at that game last year. 200,000 drunken ******** from OU and LSU on Bourbon Street got real interesting in a hurry. lmao :here:
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