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BCS Championship

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So what do y'all think about USC and OU going to the championship game? I think Auburn is getting left out. All three teams undefeated in some great conferences. I think something needs to be done about the BCS. All three teams are well deserving but only two get a shot at national title. What do y'all think?
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The entire BCS is total load of crap..its the most disorganized, unreliable, worthless way to rank teams anybody has ever come up with. It constantly leaves teams out every year that deserve a shot a higer bowl game or even the championship game.

I am glad to see however , the OU and USC are going at it. Go OU !!!! but teams like auburn and cal, just get left behind every year.

Plain and simple, we need a freekin playoff. everybody else uses one, why cant the NCAA get its head out of its arse. its a constant battle every year with this. BUT, they never will, there is too many bowl games with too much money involved to ever change the system to anything real and desent.. :cursin: :screwy: :rant:
ur right, it will never happen..there is countless millions at stake for every bowl game, and thats a huge money maker for them. Still though, why not use the bowl games, allbeit, not so many of them, for a playoff system somehow and let the winners advance to a championship series ?
There will always be people who argue about it, so there's no pleasing everyone. and i agree strength of schedule should be a bigger part of it. but then, what difference does it make how many points you win by, a win is a win though right?! now i dont know quite as much about college football in terms of the bcs as many others do..but from what i understand, that plays a fairly significant part, does it not ? :confused:
Pittsburgh could give utah a run for their money, so that Could be a good game to watch.

I cant wait to watch that michigan / VA Tech game!! :cool:
preason doesn't count in any other sport, ( that I know of) so why should it have any bearing on the rankings..why not play the first game, and go from there. makes too much sense I know, with the complicated BCS system.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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