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Kaw 636 will have more power and the brakes are second to none, by reports I've heard.

However, the 600RR is a really really nice bike....

My :2cents: and I'm sure you'll get alot more...

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Biggest issue: The two bikes handles VERY differently.

Honda 600RR
- has a plastic tank so magnetic tank bags won't work
- actual seat height is lower than 636
- the thinner seat also give u a sore ass quickly
- less storage space
- slightly more forgiving ergonomic so the body/hand/wrist/back sorness kick in later
- more intuitive and easier to read gauge & a fuel level indicator (my personal opinion)

Kawasaki 636:
- more power in lower rpm (don't know about higher rpm comparison since I never got to test the top speed in Honda RR)
- better throttle response with the extra 36cc
- horrible seat ergonomic (the seat is slanted downward so you'll have to get use to supporting yourself with your leg or suffer from painful nut crushing moments)
- you'll get sore & tire must more easily
- MUCH more expensive to insure

Overall, I think the Honda is a better bike for street riding because of the lower seat and more forgiving ergonomic as well as being cheaper to insure. On the other hand, I'd go with 636 if you want a bit more power and is considering tons of twisty/track riding.

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I've rode the shiot out of both.
If you want an all-around bike go for the Honda. If your looking for fast and race bike handling, go for the Kaw.

Pretty comfy to ride.
The plastic tank is not a big deal. You just have to use a bag that straps on instead of magnetic. (most will have magnets but not all will strap on both ends.
It has no storage to speak of.
Major back lash in the drive train. (feels like the chain is about to fall off)

Twitchy throttle
Head shake on rough surface while accelerating.
Not very comfy. A$$ High seat
One of the best handling bikes I have ever ridden.
Did I say Fast?

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I wonder why the R6 wasn't brought up? :scratch:
That would be the 6 of my choice right now. For those that don't know it. I'm a Suzuki fan so, your getting my honest opinion from ridding all of them. :2cents:
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