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bicycle and Viper tires... (SPLIT)

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I rented a Viper in Hawaii. It was awesome, until I broke it...
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SVupON1 said:
Vette tires will run ya $1G GM!
Stock rear C5 tire run $565 per tire from GoodYear :crazy:
rworkman98 said:
Only $361.00 if you buy from :) But then you have to pay to mount them too (usually $15-20 per tire)
Problem with buying from tirerack is mounting costs. After buying my rims and purchasing non runflat tires from tirerack, cheapest mount could find was $45 wheel.
rworkman98 said:
Now that this thread is completely off track... :sorry:

For non-runflats, mounting should be no more than $15 / wheel. Did you try their "preferred business partners" from the tirerack website? For runflats, it may be a little more. I bought some tires from them about 3 weeks ago, but I just mounted them myself. :) $0 mounting and dynamic balancing is the right price for me. :dthumb:
Balance also included in $45. Bay Area all tire shops charged extra if you didnot buy tires from them.
Also found out most tire shops will match price if you bring in tirerack quote ;)
rworkman98 said:
I guess it's just more $$ around your area. I agree on matching. That's what I did for my Corvette tires. Discount Tire was able to match the price, and they included mount and balance. But when I bought tires for the Grand Prix last month, noone else was in the same ballpark, so I mounted and balanced them myself, since I had access to a machine.

BTW, whoever split this thread from the original one, good idea! :cheers: (Thought I don't get the "bicycle tires" reference) :confused:
Which tires did you go with? For all around use Pilot sports have worked out for me ;)
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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