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biggest safety feature?

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while i was looking at the lucky charms page it made me wonder what the biggest modern safety feature is now?... i was gonna vote common sense and cell phone, any thoughts? :cheers:
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when I took my test her in Alaska they had that question on the test... guess what it was... I'll give you a hint... not every bike has one...

I got it wrong btw... and it's not something I really connect to safty:wbs:
VolEngineer said:
I am going to go out on a limb and say ride in a group of similar skill.
if your guessing on mine... nope... it's a part of a bike
nope..... it's something that personally I don't know how anyone would connect to safty...:scratch:

back on topic though... then biggest safty feature to me... KNOLEGE
nope not windscreen... I'll give the answer build suspence... is it working? :yikes: :leaving:
nope, nope, nope, and nope...
I had it not been the only question I got wrong I would have fought it... because to me it's bs...

another hint... alot of Harley's don't use them... same with BMW
SVupON1 said:
wow, its gotta be rare if harley and especially BMW doesn't use it.
on SOME... I think they both still use it on some of their bikes...
drewpy said:
a helmet?
LOL... naw it's a part of the bike...
twisty said:
An oil leak?:disapp:

no ... according to the State of Alaska... the #1 safty feature...
THE CHAIN!:yikes::scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
VolEngineer said:
I guessed that last night fool! LOL and you said I was wrong.
well I was just Ignoring you :whistle:

I actually dont' remember seeing that post:scratch::bash:

sorry my bad... :sorry:

good guess then:cheers: :leaving:
no... and I couldn't find it in any part of the reading... :scratch:
VolEngineer said:
A chain coming apart at speed would be kinda of hazardous, but probably no more hazardous if a tire came apart, shifter broke, or if the breaks failed.
but that wouldn't make it a safty FEATURE just a hazzard... :2cents:
jeeps84 said:
:withstupi :lol:
what if you have clippons?:scratch: :lol:
jeeps84 said:
Still have a nut to hold them.:lol:
who you call'n a nut? Me? oh... ok... just make'n sure:lol:
1 - 13 of 52 Posts
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