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biggest safety feature?

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while i was looking at the lucky charms page it made me wonder what the biggest modern safety feature is now?... i was gonna vote common sense and cell phone, any thoughts? :cheers:
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One more guess.
Kick stand kill switch.:skep:

Ok, its tomorrow now. Tell us what it is.:tt:
ebbs15 said:
according to the State of Alaska... the #1 safty feature...
THE CHAIN!:yikes::scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
Did they give an explanation on why?:scratch:
drewpy said:
hmmm what if the engine locked up, with a chain in place it kinda acts like a breaker fuse, distrupting the engine revs from the rest of the drive train, ie rear sproket and tire????
Trust me. It does little to no good.
I was going down the front straight at Roblin Road Raceway and a Honda seized up in front of me. :yikes: It wasn't pretty. Instant rear wheel lock at about 140+.:crazy:
They can leave the ABS off my sportbikes. The rest? I would consider it.
jetskifast said:
Jeeps ever rode, tested bike with first class ABS?
Yes,and it was a BMW 1100 RS (I think) Great ride if your into that kind of ridding. I would have one long before a Wing.
I don't know for sure if it ever kicked in but the front break did some wired things on a few corners. I assumed it was the ABS. If the wheel was trying lock up at the speed and approach I was taking the corners. Its all wrong to start with. I don't need that at all. I never felt it in the rear do any thing weird.
Is the ABS even hooked to the front?:scratch:
bumblebee said:
I still think the biggest safety feature is the nut that hold the handle bars...:lol:
:withstupi :lol:
ebbs15 said:
what if you have clippons?:scratch: :lol:
Still have a nut to hold them.:lol:
jetskifast said:
ABS has come a long ways since old 1100 bikes ;)
In dirt ABS doesnot work very well, thats why bikes like my F650GS have switch to turn off ABS:dthumb:
It wasn't to old. The bike I rode was a 03 or 04, not sure. I think it was a R 1100 RS. I don't keep up with the BMW's that well.
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