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biggest safety feature?

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while i was looking at the lucky charms page it made me wonder what the biggest modern safety feature is now?... i was gonna vote common sense and cell phone, any thoughts? :cheers:
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a intelligent, responsible rider that is well prepared thats my guess
damn i was going for common sense, shoulda said loud exhaust
a helmet?
and dirt bikes dont have keys, some have kill switchs attached to bungee cords but thats after market *****, buts thats all i know of on mx bikes
hmmm what if the engine locked up, with a chain in place it kinda acts like a breaker fuse, distrupting the engine revs from the rest of the drive train, ie rear sproket and tire????
being from the dirt, i couldnt imagein having abs on a bike, the skid is just kinda natural
1 - 7 of 52 Posts
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