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biggest safety feature?

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while i was looking at the lucky charms page it made me wonder what the biggest modern safety feature is now?... i was gonna vote common sense and cell phone, any thoughts? :cheers:
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if not every bike has one then I will go with - airbag
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VolEngineer said:
key ignition?
don't all bikes have that?
ebbs15 said:
nope, nope, nope, and nope...
I had it not been the only question I got wrong I would have fought it... because to me it's bs...

another hint... alot of Harley's don't use them... same with BMW
wow, its gotta be rare if harley and especially BMW doesn't use it.
jeeps84 said:
Did they give an explanation on why?:scratch:
jeeps84 said:
They can leave the ABS off my sportbikes. The rest? I would consider it.
:lol: or A:wbs:
or A:bs:
1 - 5 of 52 Posts
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