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Hey everyone, had an issue with my bike and was wondering if someone here might be able to help me figure out what's going on. I'll try to explain in detail the best I can, but if I missed something or you need to know more, let me know!

I have a 2007 GSXR 600 with appx. 16,000 miles on it.

I was riding down the freeway in rush hour traffic on my way home from work going ~40mph when my bike literally just shut off. It didn't start braking or anything, just turned off like I was in neutral and coasting. I pulled over to the shoulder and put the bike in neutral. All of the dash lights were on and I saw the oil light was lit up (was not lit up before I lost power, so not sure if that has anything to do with it).

***As a side note, I did notice that it was shifting a lot "harder" than usual that morning and could really feel the clutch pedal (the pedal that shifts at your left foot) taking some extra effort to shift and clicking harder.

I then tried starting it again. The starter clicked but would not turn over and then dash lights were dimming as I was pushing the ignition. I soon realized that was fruitless.

I jumped off the bike and because I saw that oil light I decided to take a look at the oil. Standing the bike upright, i couldn't see any oil in the window. This is weird, since I literally just changed the oil in April of this year and have MAYBE put 1000 miles on it this season. No leaks (would have seen them where the bike was parked).

I immediately thought "well crap, maybe the bike was burning oil at an accelerated rate for some reason and I ran out". I knew that wouldn't have been good, but what else to do. Thought maybe when the bike stalled because of no oil it may have killed the battery (that's a big question here, are the 2 things connected?).

Anyhow, called my wife, had a half quart of unused oil sitting in the garage so she brought it to me. threw that in the bike, still didn't see anything in the window but gave it a minute to settle in and then tried starting the bike again.

Just clicking. As if the battery were dead.

So I hooked some jumpers up to try jumping the battery and... it worked! Bike fired up, let it sit there for a minute, and then jumped on and rode the last 15 miles home with my wife following.

It's been parked in my garage for a few days now while I wait on new oil and a filter to come. Figured I'd just do another oil change anyhow to be safe.

As another little background, I bought the bike used last November and really didn't get to put it through it's paces until this summer. I'd had the bike die on me twice (battery dead), but never while riding. Had happened where I would pull up to get gas, turn it off, and when I went to turn it back on the battery was dead.

Anyhow, I thought it might have just been the battery so i put a voltmeter to it, put it on a tender, and was good to go. Then, after about 10 more rides, the same thing happened. I had to take the bike into the shop for a recall and just asked them to check out the battery to see if there were any dead cells or anything looked odd. They said the battery was healthy (I state this because I have a buddy who swears it's the battery, but it just doesn't sound like it).

After I took it to the shop I have probably taken the bike out ~25 times, no issues. Figured the issue was solved (how naive). Until this most recent event when the bike literally just crapped out on me while riding.

So now I'm not sure if it was something to do with the oil, or if it's the battery. Rectifier? Stator?

Google searches says it could be 1 million things basically. But figured you guys might have a better idea given my story.

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