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Bike ever caught on fire?

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Looking at the wiring diagram for my old Suzuki reminded me of what happened about two years ago. I took my GS 1000 to my favorite twisty road, Lookout Mountain. When I got to the top I parked in a deserted area and saw smoke coming from under the seat.

Next to the battery is a wiring harness bundle with about 20 wires in it. It used to be wrapped with a rubber sleeve that kept the wires protected and bundled together. Well the rubber was a burnt and melted mess. For about four inches, there was no insulation on the twenty wires. All of the exposed copper wires were no longer shiny, but a dull pink.

The metal pan of the seat prevented the seat foam from burning, but there were scorch marks in a few holes in the seat pan. Cussing up a storm in a deserted area didn't help, so I tried prying apart the bare copper wires. I thought some were welded together, but it was the melted plastic and rubber that held them together.

My insurance card was in a plastic sleeve, duct-taped under the seat. Luckily, it was toward the front of the seat and unscathed. With my knife, I carefully cut the duct tape into strips and wrapped them around the exposed copper wires. The ignition worked, and I had no lights or signals, but I was able to ride home. I patched all the multi-colored wires with blue wire and crimped connectors. Everything works fine on the bike except for the self-cancelling turn signals. I made a new rubber sleeve from an old inner tube and cable ties.
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Sounds like some Mcguyvor (sp?) crap right there!!

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