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Bike For Sale: 1997 GSXR

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1997 GSXR 600 frame with a 1999 750 motor, 9700 miles. I bought this bike in the fall with intentions of using it for a track bike this spring but that is not currently in the cards for me at this time. Few scratches on left side from a fall over, runs great (even in the Michigan cold it started right up the other day). Many mods, 520 chain, yosh exhaust and a polished frame. Clear title. Would make a great track bike or beginner ride.

Email me at [email protected] for more pictures or questions. Must sell, $3800 or best.
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Just a re-post to let everyone know this bike is still for sale. Basically, it is a 1999 gsxr 750 in a 1997 gsxr 600 frame. Clean title, has not been on the track yet, would make an excellent track bike.
Hope so - so far every single person who I have had a tentative deal with has fallen through so we'll see if this guy holds up his end of the deal! I have heard them all - couldnt make it, found another bike closer, couldnt get a trailer, will you take 1/2 now and 1/2 in a few months from now blah, blah, blah :cursin:
Yea, he better come through!!! I have like 10 other people that want it now that its sold of course so he better pay up. He's supposed to be overnighting me a MO for the deposit, and picking up on/after April 13th (waiting on $ he doesnt have - LOL) - so we shall see!

Like the avatar Jeeps! :lol:
Thanks DJ :thumbs:
Ok, got the payment in full so the bike is now officialy sold! :dthumb:
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