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The other day I adjusted the idle (1100rpm) to help the common clunk associated with shifting into first gear. Well I rode the bike for about two weeks like this and noticed the clunk was softer but something about the bike just didn't seem right. The power delivery seemed very jerky all around and the bike seemed to be lacking the power it had before. I had decided that it was all in my head. Well today I decided to switch it back to the rpm setting recommended by honda to 1500rpm to see if I was crazy. It seems maybe it wasn't all in my head, the bike reponds 1000% better and the jerkiness at all throttle positions is gone! Overall the bike seems to be back to the bike I had when I first got her. I am guessing that the F.I. on bikes is that sensitive. I have heard of people lowering the idles on there bikes and having problems associated with it but never believed it, I mean really it's just the idle what could it hurt. Well apparently alot. So to anyone that has recently done this and has a bike that doesn't quite feel the same I strongly suggest staying with the OEM specs. Yes I am very aware of anything that happens with my bike, this extends to any vehicle I have. I have mechanics blood at heart so I guess it just comes naturally to notice every noise, squeak, vibration etc...
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