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.. Whatcha read, whatcha like, whats gay, etc etc..

I read a lot of em, pass em around work and stuff. Subscribed to Cycle World, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider, as well as the AMA magazine and the HRCA magazine. Make a trip to Border's about once a week too to see whats around.. always buy Roadracing World, TWO, Bike, Ride, Roadrunner, and as I said in another post just recently found Two Wheel Tuner there as well. Sometimes Rider. Cycle News from the shop when I stop in there.

Now my observation. I seem to enjoy the british mags the best. I'm not really sure why, I think its just because they seem to have much more a free style of writing.. Like if a bike is crap, they come right out and say its crap, and not in the polite way either. There seems to be a lot more content if each of those every month as well. And a lot of times you get free stuff from em too, just the other day I was so thankful for my free TWO gloves that I found in my tankbag to put on under my normal ones!

Had more, but started watchin the war on TV for a min and lost it :D
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Don't want to get into this one. But DONT READ SPORTRIDER. They take kickbacks form Manufactures to say a certain bike is good.
Yes they are owned by the same company. The own the rights to TwoWheel Teusday as well. If you what a good mag read Proformace Bikes. It is from the uK and it is awsome. I wish Twowheel tuner did there own testing, then I would include as my fav mag as well. I know a very talented rider that would help you guys out for a very low cost.
Sport rider had a test agisnt like zx-10 a Gsxr 750 and 600 of some sort if I remember correctly. HOW CAN YOU PUT THESE BIKS AGASIT EACH OTHER?? It's like apples and oranges. Alltho the 750 did pretty good next to the ZX-10..
I think so. I thought it was dumb to compare bikes that are so different in class.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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