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.. Whatcha read, whatcha like, whats gay, etc etc..

I read a lot of em, pass em around work and stuff. Subscribed to Cycle World, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider, as well as the AMA magazine and the HRCA magazine. Make a trip to Border's about once a week too to see whats around.. always buy Roadracing World, TWO, Bike, Ride, Roadrunner, and as I said in another post just recently found Two Wheel Tuner there as well. Sometimes Rider. Cycle News from the shop when I stop in there.

Now my observation. I seem to enjoy the british mags the best. I'm not really sure why, I think its just because they seem to have much more a free style of writing.. Like if a bike is crap, they come right out and say its crap, and not in the polite way either. There seems to be a lot more content if each of those every month as well. And a lot of times you get free stuff from em too, just the other day I was so thankful for my free TWO gloves that I found in my tankbag to put on under my normal ones!

Had more, but started watchin the war on TV for a min and lost it :D
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we talked about this before in here..seems that most of read the usual ones, CW, Motorcyclist, SportRider..I get the last 2 every month..but since I like to look at pictures, they work well for me ;) ..but really though, the euro mags often are the best,and give the best test ride you get to read about all the bikes that dont get to make over here in the US as well.

I like 2WT alot, since I started reading it, its got some good stuff inside! :cool:
pickle.of.doom said:
Only read the one issue so far, and it was good enough that I will buy it again next month!

and their models aint to shabby either.. :drool:

Hey 2WT, you should get some of them to post on TWF..:yesnod:
Gas Man said:
Isn't that what I just said!!! :screwy:

look at the post times for mine and urs ..they are both 3:08.. :screwy: ;)
twisty said:
Sport rider had a test agisnt like zx-10 a Gsxr 750 and 600 of some sort if I remember correctly. HOW CAN YOU PUT THESE BIKS AGASIT EACH OTHER?? It's like apples and oranges. Alltho the 750 did pretty good next to the ZX-10..

I read that article..was interesting to see how a 600 & 750 faired against the big zx10 beast... but an odd comparison at that...wasnt that for the MOTY contest?
twisty said:
I think so. I thought it was dumb to compare bikes that are so different in class.

I think a BOTY is pointless anyways...way to many classes of bikes designed to do way different things..that you cant just single one out... now maybe a BOTY for each class..then yeah..the 600's, liter bikes, touring bikes, dual purpose, etc... which I believe they have done b/4...but just a special issue dedicated to that, instead of trying to find 1 bike in a miriad of possibilities..
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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