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bike setups?

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is there a section on this site, or any other for that matter that have peoples bike setups for stunts, ie big rear sprocket, 12 oclock bar, etc..
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umm well, just trying to see whats different about them, possibly a few pics
is that all that's different? I'm just kinda curious about it, not necessarily going to start doing. Also does the large sprocket render the bike useless on the street?
Mudpuppy said:
I highly suggest using a muffin pan when doing any mods to your bike.. Helps keep the bolts seperated and you can use it later to make the Gasman approved delicious blueberry version.. You have to be way more specific on what mods you are talking about..
am i being that difficult to understand? i dont know anything about it, i dont even know what all the possible
mods are.
i was wanting to buy something inexpensive to learn on, learn to ride in general, then buy something slightly nicer, any suggestions?
pickle.of.doom said:
As far as stunt mods, most important is to change your gearing. That means altering the ratio between top speed and acceleration.
how does changing the gearing affect street driveability?
how expensive are you talking (for parts that is) ? somehow im drawn to hobbies that are expensive. my jeep has cost me and arm and a leg.
Earlzach said:
After reading this you need to crall way before you walk. You will look like a stunter as you learn how to ride. You are stepping into a very dangerous rhelm of riding. Without a carnal knowlage of riding it's self, stunting should be far from your mind. If you dont mind my asking did watch biker boyz or torque? Those two shows were so far from real it isnt funny. Someone also posted on here a video of stunters as a group. Now I would say gutsy, way more than skilled. They actually wrecked their way our of most monuvers. Really talented stunters have years of riding back ground. Before one can take to the sky he must learn to crawl then walk, One can not fly into flight. Please take as much or more time to LEARN HOW BIKES ACT. Do you know how many riders there are right now that dont even know to swerve left you stear right? and vice versa. There is so much to know about Gyro braking and how the front tire spinniing assists you in turning on a wheelie. Please dont jump into stunting, you might just want to jump into a box now. I dont like to ask ones age but I get the feeling your not in you 30's? Take your time. :2cents:

no im not in my 30's more like early 20's, i also dont wont to get die hard into "stunting", just learn a few trick here and there, i suppose my way of thinking is that im probably going to wreck whether im learning to stunt or just learning to ride (not that i want to) but i suppose its best to be prepared. i just want to have the gear on the bike so that it doesnt screw it up so bad. and no i never saw biker boyz or torque, they both looked stupid to me, like cop off of fast and furious for bikes
1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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