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bike setups?

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is there a section on this site, or any other for that matter that have peoples bike setups for stunts, ie big rear sprocket, 12 oclock bar, etc..
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:iagree: with Gas Man here...If you don't have any general motorcycle rideing experience...than you simply can't just jump on a stunt bike and go to town with it. You MUST learn the basics or more advanced skills of rideing on the street with handleing the bike before you just hop on a stunt bike and start popping wheelies, stoppies, rideing on the tank, endo's, slideing the rear tire, burnouts.....the list goes on.
If you do have street rideing experience ignore what I just said, but you seem to be clueless on stunting period so I assume you don't have any rideing experince or at most very little.
I would recommend takeing the MSF course, get a bike get the feel and basics of rideing...then take the "advanced MSF Course." That will teach you more in depth how to control the bike. Then you are all on your own to learn, or option B take a stunt course that may teach you how to stunt.
First off you need to find a used bike that is not in the greatest shape that atleast runs good.
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:readng: :leaving: :whistle: .... :2cents:
SV..that is what I was eluding to but I wanted to check on his expierence b4 I went there...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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