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GSXR750DJ said:
OK I took it to the shop to get looked at and they told me it was the "stator". At first I thought the guy was just pronouncing the word "starter" wrong till I had him write it down for me so I know. Well n ow I looked it up on the net and found it is its own unit in the ele. unit and charging system.

Now...what does it do exactly?? and I am paying abot $300 for the parts and labor and the 30 mins of testing they did to find the problem. Does this sound about right for this stator and gaskets and labor??

Will have it ordered and fixed next week. Left bike there in the shop till then. Driving the cage till then. I hope I remember how it works. :smilelol:
It is esentially your bike's version of a alternator. Yes it is stator! It is on the left side of your bike behind your side case on your motor. Usually the cover is bolted on by 8-10 bolts. It is a big magnet that spins and makes juice...electric juice that is!! Making sure that your battery is all charged up from the start ups and such...ya know just like your car alternator. Just think about if that went bad. How much would that cost to fix?

Hope it helps and I'm not too far off base... :thumbs:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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