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Biker seriously injured in crash

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Found this online today.

West Manchester officer is treated and released after cycle's collision into his vehicle.
Daily Record/Sunday News
Saturday, September 11, 2004

Jeremy Paul Koller survived his motorcycle's crash into an unmarked West Manchester Township police car at the intersection of routes 74 and 30 at 2:03 a.m. Friday, state police reported.
The 29-year-old man from Salmon Run Road in Dover Township was in serious condition Friday afternoon in York Hospital's intensive care ward, spokesman Barry Spark said.

West Manchester Township Police Officer Harold Brook was treated at York Hospital and released.

Brook had stopped for a red light at the end of the Route 30 exit ramp leading onto Route 74, Lt. Thomas Butler of the Loganville barracks said.

When the light turned green, he pulled out to turn left onto Route 74. While the police car was still in the northbound lane, Koller's motorcycle plowed into the rear left side of Brook's Chevrolet Impala, he said.

The crash threw Koller off his motorcycle, Butler said. He wore a helmet.

Both vehicles were severely damaged.

Another police officer told investigators Koller's Yamaha had passed him at a high rate of speed just before the crash, Butler said.

Butler said he did not know whether the unmarked police car carried a video camera.

If it did, it would not have recorded anything happening at the side. Police set their video cameras to pick up images in front of the driver, he said.

West Manchester Township Police asked state police to investigate the crash.

Police Chief Arthur Smith declined comment and referred questions to the state police.

Police closed Route 74 until about 8 a.m. Friday while they took the measurements for a crash reconstruction report, Butler said.

The investigation remains open.

The crash was the third time in just more than a week a major news event occurred in the West Manchester Police Department's jurisdiction.

· Sept. 1: Police released the results of a sex sting in the men's public restroom of the West Manchester Mall. From March to August, township police arrested 14 men.

· Sept. 4: Yvonne Gouseff, 56, was shot by an unidentified officer about 2:30 a.m. after a nearly 10-hour standoff at her home in the 2400 block of Broad Street in the township. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating.

Damn I will not be going to West Manchester any time soon.
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Just alittle bit. :)
I know exactly where this intersection is..we ride past it all the time...thank God he was wearing his lid..

I know several york city cops...if any new info comes up, i'll stick up an update.. :)
and if your going to the west manchester mall, stop and use the restroom BEFORE you get there!! :lol:
Don't worry. Matt will. :D :D

Update on the rider, from what I have heard, the rider has lost both an arm & leg, both on the right side I believe..but has survived... :(
Damn. Not good to hear things like this. Atleast I know not to ride like he did late at night and hit a car. :(
ride like a squid, pay the price like a squid ...general rule of thumb.. :eek:
OK..get this update!!1

Apparently, the rider is a good friend of my sister in law; who I dont see much since she's out and about and all that..but anyways, today she tells me that the rider, only had 1 leg to begin with,:eek: and of course lost the second one, along with his arm in the crash! Must have been a prostetic, to use the rear brake, unless he had some kinda custom made device installed on the bike? I forgot to ask her if the leg that was originally missing, was partially there, like from the knee up,or something?? .... :confused:

I asked her if she yanking my chain on this, and she said she was dead serious. Havent verified this w/ any local fuzz yet, or seen any updates in papers, so all I can do is take her word for it.
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