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Birmingham, Alabama

Motorcyclists marked the 70th anniversary of the Department of Public Safety Saturday and honored the troopers who have been killed in the line of duty. They did that with special rides from all over the state ending in Montgomery.

Also in Gadsen, the police department honored those officers slain in the line of duty.

A candlelight vigil was schedule at Noccalula Falls.

This year Gadsen did not lose any officers in the line of duty.

However, officials say it is still important to remember those killed in then line of duty.

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Grafixx01 said:
Very good to hear of the support that bikers give to the cops. Kinda an oxy-moron if you read some of the other posts in here about people getting harrassed by the cops.
Not all cops are bad!
Most do there job to the best of there ability and don't get the proper respect or payment for there services.

Only the bad apples get the lime light.
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