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Bikers revved up their engines for a good cause this weekend in Owego.They started at the TOPS market on Main Street in Owego, then took off on a 65-mile motorcycle drive through the area. Each biker paid a fee to participate in the ride; the proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

One TOPS employee organized the event to piggy-back on the chain's efforts to raise money for this disease the past few weeks. He said it was the prefect marriage of a good cause and a fun activity that raised over 1000 dollars in one day. Jared Howe said: "I think it turned out pretty successful. We were hoping for at least 50 riders. It looks pretty good for our first time around. And hopefully we can do it again next year and double that amount."

Along with an auction of donated items and selling sneaker-shaped donation slips indoors, the fund-raiser brought in over $4000 for JDRF.
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