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Bikes ready for the shop...

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I gotta drop it off today to get the tank and oil pump cover put on. This time i'm guaranteeing that there will be no new scrathces on my plastics! If they find a way to scratch the front fender and undertail I'm gonna be pissed something wicked.
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jeeps84 said:
Hope they don't ding the tank.
yeah the 2nd tank at that! even tho i don't think the first tank was the dealerships fault with the ding.

That was smart of you to take all your plastics off DL, but the dealership probably took it offensivly.
jeeps84 said:
Yep and going to ding tank in retaliation.:lol:
dude!! that would suck balls!
Hell yeah it was there fault. I'm boys w/ the service manager and I bust his balls about getting scratches every time I go. So I showed up with no plastics on it and he started busting out laughing. I said "What do you think I'm kidding?"
and they think it's funny that every time your bikes leaves their shop the R6 has new scratches on it.:cursin: :chair: I would have told him F no I'm not kidding...can't ya tell!
They know I'm not kidding anymore. I got the tank on. It looks great! The oil pump cover too.
that was quick! I guess it pays to do some of the labor yourself like taking the fairings off.
jeeps84 said:
Nope! dont pay a dime.:cursin:
well it saves time from the bike being at the shop so long.
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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