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I've decided to throw a Fear Factor influenced party. My son is turning 8 on May 4. So far I have a few ideas for stunts. No one will be eliminated, I will set up a point system. Winner take all($20), party bags for the rest.
1- Put chicken feet(any china town) in a bucket of dirt and have the kids transfer them to a plate. One point for every foot.
2- Eating time; Line up like five different foods such as Tofu, seaweed, tripe, pickled eggs, cow tongue, pigs feet. Stuff all supermarkets have. One point for each item eaten.
I am now asking all of you for some ideas. REMEMBER that this is a party for 6 to 12 year olds.
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You could look at some of those Hong Kong market type places in china town... to get some really weird looking foods to have them eat or play with those...

-I got nothing :nonod:
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