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Border Alert

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Seen this before at the post office and then somebody dropped it in my I thought I'd pass it on!

"Flashing a driver's license when returning from a trip to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and most of the Caribbean isn't going to cut it in the near future. New homeland security laws proposed to take effect in the next 12-24 months mean anyone contemplating travel outside U.S. borders will need a passport or a similar document to re enter. Our advice: Download application info at , then hustle to one of more than 7,000 passport application acceptance sites. A new passport costs $97.00. Not cheap, but it beats a ruined vacation."
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lol.. this is funny... i just started another thread on another board about this same thing. i am leaving for mexico Dec 27th, and not returning till Jan 2. i knew i would be ok gettign across.. just wanted to make sure my happy ass can get back come Jan 2nd. after alot of reading and seeing either Jan 1, 2006 and Jan 1, 2008, i finally called up Homeland defence from work and they said i am "technically" good till 2008. They said for now, if i cant get a passport b 4 i leave, just take my ORIGINAL birth certificate and my DL and SS card. So i am going to try and get one, but seeing how its the holidays and i am broke.. i dont know if i can afford it ($96 and wait 2 weeks) or ($180 for 24 hr turn around).

a guy at work has a wife who goes to mexico and america (was born in mexico, got married and lives here in AZ now, but goes to visit family alot), and he said he has yet to have a problem and still just takes his DL and Birth certificate with him. he said i shouldnt have a problem since i have no accent, and am a 6'3" blonde ahir blue white guy.
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