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Boz In Biz

The Bostrom brothers have long been synonymous with style … from Eric’s brief, circa-2004 “Wolverine” facial-hair phase to Ben’s increasing proclivity toward sleeveless shirts, there’s no question that few American racers have brought as much flair to the road race paddock. But somewhere between surfing the waves off Indonesia, scaling a category-5.13 cliff in the south of France, and riding street bikes through the sun-warmed Red Rocks area just outside of Las Vegas, they were struck by a thought: “We realized there was something missing in the motorcycle industry,” Ben explains. “Somebody needed to bring some style to it.”

That night, the brothers sat down for a brainstorming session. Four lightning strikes, two power outages, and one conversation about stealth, history, mad genius, plate tectonics and courage somehow combined to form the genesis of Boz Brothers—a company whose mission is to offer ground-breakingly stylish products while delivering quality and performance that meet even a racer’s high standards. “Whether it’s motorcycle accessories, clothing, or riding gear, everything that comes out of Boz Brothers is going to fit that definition,” says Eric.

First on the list? Exhaust systems. The Boz Exhaust line brings edgy style and sound to the sport bike market with two new models—the Moira and Gild systems. The custom look of the Gild slip-on series sports an aggressive, 55-degree slash-cut tip with a large, 2.5-inch exit, while the full Moira system—which comes equipped with a slightly more “urban-friendly” removable pocket-core—closes the gap between street and GP technology with its sleek look and unmistakable tone.

“It’s all about unique, sexy, more muscular lines that actually complement the lines of the motorcycle,” says Eric. “Our image isn’t for everybody,” adds Ben. “The idea is to keep it small, cater to the people who identify with what we’re doing, and—most importantly—put a lot of love into the effort so that we’re always proud of what we’re building.”

Lightweight and easy to bolt on, Boz Exhaust products—soon to be distributed by Ben’s longtime sponsor Parts Unlimited—are handcrafted in the USA and available for most late-model sport bikes. Visit (soon to be launched).
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