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Brand preference?

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I like Dainese for leathers, they seem exotic to me. You don't see nearly as much Dainese as you do Joe Rocket or Alpinestar. I also like it for that reason.

Helmets... I'm partial to Shoei.
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Joe Rocket is all good with me too...My other half picked me up a vega helmet for christmas last year...all in all, a very sweet lid, for a fraction of the cost of a shoei..lightweight, comfortable, and my head stays pretty cool with all the vents.
Damn!! if you ever wanna unload any of that, give me a hollar :drool:
Mojo said:
I am probably going to part ways with my Intersport/Honda leathers. I just don't see myself wearing them on my CL350's.... They're the only Honda's I have left! It's an extremely nice set of leathers. Problem is that none of my Honda riding friends can fit them!
Whats the size of them ?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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