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break in period

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well i have to read some on my own also but i was just curious b/c captain led me to realize the hard runing break in might work also

so what do you think is the right way to break it in
1: the manuel
2: the hard riding ((Dyno) way
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Captain, I saw that once before, but the guy says not to break-in the bike easy like the manual says. Here's what my 15-year-old manual says for break-in on my bike:
1. "Never lug the engine."
2. "Maximum continuous (my underline) engine speed during the first 600 miles must not exceed 5,000 rpm."
3. "Drive briskly, vary speeds frequently and use full throttle for short bursts only."
My 76 Jeep manual said the same thing (except for the 5,000 rpm) and I have a quarter million miles on the engine with good compression.
And don't use synthetic motor oil until you have about 5k on the bike.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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