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break in period

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well i have to read some on my own also but i was just curious b/c captain led me to realize the hard runing break in might work also

so what do you think is the right way to break it in
1: the manuel
2: the hard riding ((Dyno) way
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Seat the rings are only part of break-in, Bearings, too need to be seated and seasoned so spinning, hot crank won't damage them...same for the heads...most moving parts are in the heads. Most damage not caused just by revs, but revs and heat on new parts. they need to be seasoned and settled into place. Captain, you are doing the right thing, run through a good workout, just don't lug or max it out. It's like stretching before physical exertion...get everything lubed, and ready before you ride it like you stole it.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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